We Lost Our Engagement Color
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Type Manhwa
Released 2023
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We Lost Our Engagement

私たちは婚約を失った / 우리는 약혼을 잃었다

Synopsis We Lost Our Engagement

Read manhwa We Lost Our Engagement / 私たちは婚約を失った / 우리는 약혼을 잃었다
April was betrothed to Rocklan, the second prince of the Kingdom of Luten. When they turned 16, the kingdom went to war with a neighboring country.
“I want to keep something close that reminds me of the person I like,” April said.
Before heading to the battlefield, Rocklan took April’s ribbon. Two years later, April heard the news of Rocklan’s death.
As she mourned, Dominic, Rocklan’s twin brother who had survived the war, appeared before her. Meeting Dominic, April began to suspect that he might actually be Rocklan …