The Dame In Shining Armor Color
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Type Manhwa
Released 2023
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The Dame In Shining Armor

백마 탄 레이디의 반격

Synopsis The Dame In Shining Armor

Read manhwa The Dame In Shining Armor / 백마 탄 레이디의 반격 / The Revenge of the Lady on the White Horse
Sentenced to death for adultery, Evelyn Cordelia stands before a crowd that calls her a witch. “Only God knows the truth. I have never done anything to be ashamed of.” Before the blade swings, she sees someone smiling in the crowd… is it her dead husband? When she opens her eyes again, she is transported to a time long before her marriage. Who is her ex-husband who feigned his own death? Who drove her family to ruin? Who accused her of adultery and infidelity? She must find out everything, even if it means she has to become the villainess of her own story.